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Flux for steelmaking in electric arc furnace

Flux for steelmaking in converter

Magnesium flux FluMag® is to saturate the magnesium oxide slag and wear and tear slag formation on the lining ledge.

FluMag® is recommended to add during melting of metal stock in the Electric Arc Furnace with a batch feeding ending in 1-2 minutes before the issuance of the steel furnace, as well as in steel lable slag to increase the resistance of a slag layer.

Acting mechanism of action of high-Mg flux FluMag

Application of the slag skull on converter lining
  1. FluMag consisting of Mg(OH)2, forms an ultrafine MgO after brucite rapid dehidration, during its reaction with high temperature molten slag
  2. Ultrafine MgO reacts with the active iron oxides in the slag and it generates there high-temperature phases periclase and magnesioferrite with an increase in slag viscosity and formation of a resistant slag scull on the lining
  3. Gaseous H2O contributes to the stabilization of the foaming slag in the furnace. It is removed via flue or tho the atmosphere.The hydrogen content of steel is not increased.


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