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Exhaust gas cleaning on ships

Exhaust gas cleaning on ships

Sulfur pollutes environment through formation of sulfur dioxide SO2 during burning of heavy fuels. Marine vessels faced strict legislation on 1 January 2015, when the limits were set for sulfur oxides (SOx) in so-called Sulfur Emission Control Areas (SECAs). From 1 January 2020, other areas outside the SECAs must comply with new regulations. In order to do that, ship owners need to adjust the fuel and to clean the exhaust gases from vessels.

One way is to clean the exhaust gases in exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS), also called marine gas scrubbers. As open-loop scrubbers continue being banned in many countries, hybrid and closed-loop scrubbers tend to appear the most popular solutions for compliance with IMO 2020. In those devices an alkali solution is applied for neutralization of acidic SOx gases.

Picture 1 – A principle of hybrid system in closed loop

Natural magnesium hydroxide MagTreat®-S is a safe and efficient alkali for application in exhaust gas cleaners on ships:

  • Safe for the crew and environment, exempted from REACH registration
  • Ecological product with low carbon footprint, non-corrosive
  • The most cost effective alkali compared to others
  • Saves storage space onboard
  • Available as ready-to-apply stabilized suspension with the highest solids content - 65%

Picture 2 Effectiveness ofMagTreat-S

One need 25-30% less volume of MagTreat-S in comparison with hazardous caustic soda, the main alkali used in scrubbers.

Thanks to our own resource base with confirmed reserves >8 mln.tons, we can guarantee stable prices for our customers across the world. MagTreat-S can be quickly delivered within Europe due to improved production facilities network.

RMCC offers:

  • Great availability and reliable delivery time
  • High quality technical support from specialists and R&D department

MagTreat - 10R
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MagTreat - S
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