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Ecopiren in PVC wire and cable formulations

Ecopiren in PVC wire and cable formulations

Our company has developed special products for application in PVC compositions. These products are Ecopiren® 3,5C, 5,5C, 10. The advantage of Ecopiren (mineral flame retardant based on natural magnesium hydroxide) in comparison with ATH is its higher decomposition temperature and greater heat and smoke absorption capacity.

Today PVC is one of the commonly used polymer in the world. PVC itself is a non-flammable polymer but while plastification it becomes necessary to provide its fire resistance. An example of such polymer compositions can be PVC formulations for low voltage cables and electrical insulation.

Product Decomposition Temperature Energy of Decomposition
Aluminum Trihydrate, Al(OH)3 180°C 1100 J/g
Magnesium Hydroxide (Ecopiren®), Mg(OH)2 330C  1250 J/g

A large part of energy of decomposition expressed in a stronger cooling of composition or polymer base in condition of pyrolysis or combustion. High decomposition temperature means that in the formulations containing Ecopiren higher processing temperatures can be used in comparison with ATH. This is a great advantage of the process meaning manufacturing costs savings for the cable producer.

Standard structures of composition

Recipe #1 is a common basic formulation of cable compound.
Recipe #2 is formulation of a cable compound with very low smoke emission.
For more information please contact our technical product team via an electronic web-form or by phone.
Composition components Recipe 1 Recipe 2
PVC K70 100 phr 100 phr
Plastisizer DINP 50 phr 50 phr
Ca/Zn stabilazer 5 phr 5 phr
CaCO3 (stearine treated) 50 phr 10 phr
Zinc borate4 phr-
Antimony trioxide3 phr-
Metal oxides- 15 phr
Ecopiren 3,5 or 5,5 40 phr 65 phr
Total 252 245
Density, g/cm31,551,54
Smoke density (ASTM D 2843), %7647

Solutions for this field

The most demanded products of RMCC and Europiren in this field are:

Ecopiren®3,5C; Ecopiren5,5C; Ecopiren10

Ecopiren 200
(PDF, 195.92 )
Ecopiren 20R
(PDF, 197.09 )
Ecopiren 15R
(PDF, 197.00 )
Ecopiren 10R
(PDF, 196.98 )
Ecopiren 10
(PDF, 196.56 )
Ecopiren 5,5C
(PDF, 208.76 )
Ecopiren 3,5C
(PDF, 291.19 )

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