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Ecopiren in halogen-free wire and cable formulations

Ecopiren in polyolefin wire and cable formulations

Environmental standards and regulations has become more strict during recent years. Therefore in some areas PVC due to its high chlorine content and smoke emission can’t be used. In such cases halogen-free compositions based on polyolefin are used.

Because of low crystallinity non-halogen compositions may contain different amounts of Ecopiren®flame retardants which results in a set of composite materials with a wide range of mechanical and FR properties. Such materials have been increasingly applied as sheath or bedding of cable products in recent years.

A range of Ecopiren flame retardants can be successfully applied in such polymer compositions.

Below are shown typical halogen-free formulations containing Ecopiren 3.5, 3.5C, 10 grade and shown flammability and physical property results for each formulation.

Typical halogen-free highly filled wire and cable formulations with Ecopiren:


EVA insulation (% by mass)
PE sheath (% by mass)
PE bedding (% by mass)
EVAMixture EVA 18% & 28% 28 --
ULDPEUltra light dens. PE-23,58-13
Malic angidrude coupling agentContent -1%43,52
Synthetic ATHFine precipitated D50 1,5 microns38--
Ecopiren 3,5Stearic coated20--
Ecopiren 3,5Uncoated-63-
Ecopiren 10--75-80
Processing aidSilicon masterbatch222
Density, g/m31,471,461,72
Tensile, MPa12,011,0-
Elongation, %175200-

All the examples show high oxygen index values. Halogen-free high filled compounds with Ecopiren 3,5 and 10 fit UL94 V-0 standart. Ecopiren grades successfully used as FR filler in a numberof halogen-free polymer compositions for production of cable insulation materials. For more information please contact our technical product team via the web-form or by phone.


Solutions for this field

The most demanded products of RMCC and Europiren in this field are:

Ecopiren®3,5; Ecopiren3,5C; Ecopiren3,5NA;Ecopiren3,5NP;Ecopiren10

Ecopiren 200
(PDF, 195.92 )
Ecopiren 20R
(PDF, 197.09 )
Ecopiren 15R
(PDF, 197.00 )
Ecopiren 10R
(PDF, 196.98 )
Ecopiren 3,5NP
(PDF, 291.00 )
Ecopiren 3,5NA
(PDF, 290.98 )
Ecopiren 3,5C
(PDF, 291.19 )
Ecopiren 3,5
(PDF, 199.85 )

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