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Ecopiren in ACP

Ecopiren in ACP

Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) - the building facing composite material. The panels consist of two pre-painted aluminum sheets, between which is placed a middle layer - the polymer composition based on polyolefins.

Aluminum Non-combustible Panels consist of two aluminum sheets and filled polymer composite. The middle layer consists essentially of low density polyethylene and special flame retardant additives. This material is non-toxic because it contains no halogens and heavy metals (e.g. antimony). Especially for this application, the company has developed a product Ecopiren® 10.

Below you can see a table of comparison ATH with MDH.

Product Decomposition Temperature Energy of Decomposition
Aluminum Trihydrate, Al(OH)3 180°C 1100 J/g
Magnesium Hydroxide, Mg(OH)2 330C  1250 J/g

A large part of energy of decomposition expressed in a stronger cooling of composition or polymer base in condition of pyrolysis or combustion. High decomposition temperature means that in the formulations containing Ecopiren® higher processing temperatures can be used in comparison with ATH. This is a great advantage of the process meaning manufacturing costs savings for the ACP producer.

Standard structures of formulations with Ecopiren

Component Filling level
LDPE, 1g/10 min 16 %
EVA, 60g/10 min 2 %
Malinic angedrate coupling agent 2 %
Ecopiren 1080 %
Density, g/cm³1.8
MFI, g/10 min20
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The most demanded products of RMCC and Europiren in this field are:


Ecopiren 200
(PDF, 195.92 )
Ecopiren 20R
(PDF, 197.09 )
Ecopiren 15R
(PDF, 197.00 )
Ecopiren 10R
(PDF, 196.98 )
Ecopiren 10
(PDF, 196.56 )

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