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Flame retardants for polymers

Flame retardants for polymers

Ecopiren® is milled and specially classified magnesium hydroxide. It is used as an effectivemineral flame retardant and smoke suppressant for polymer compositions.

Ecopiren flame retardants can be easily applied in various polymer compositions based on different polymeric matrix (PE, EVA, PP, PVC, PA) using advanced processing techniques ( such as extrusion, molding under pressure. Ecopirenbrand products arenon-toxic, safe to handle and store and meet all legal requirements ofenvironmental protection.

General characteristics

Properties of mineral flame retardant Ecopiren®

  • more effective smoke suppressant than ATH
  • highprocessing temperature — more than 300°C
  • accurate partical size distribution
  • halogen free
  • non-toxic
  • high whiteness
  • more cost effective than aluminum trihydrate (ATH)
Ecopiren in PVC wire and cable formulations

Our company has developed special products for application in PVC compositions. These products are Ecopiren® 3,5C, 5,5C, 10. The advantage of Ecopiren (mineral flame retardant based on natural magnesium hydroxide) in comparison with ATH is its higher decomposition temperature and greater heat and smoke absorption capacity.

Ecopiren in polyolefin wire and cable formulations

Environmental standards and regulations has become more strict during recent years. Therefore in some areas PVC due to its high chlorine content and smoke emission can’t be used. In such cases halogen-free compositions based on polyolefin are used.

Ecopiren in highly filled compounds

Polyamides are stiff - crystallizing polymers or so-called engineering plastics, which are widely used in various fields of industry, They are characterized by high strength, stiffness, heat reistance, sliding properties and resistance to corrosion (hydrocarbon solvents). All these properties allow to make of polyamides structural parts, electrical and antifriction products working in high stress and temperature conditions.

Ecopiren as ATH replacement

Mineral fillers like aluminum trihydrate (ATH) and magnesium hydroxide (MDH) are often used in LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) formulations to provide flame retardant (FR) properties in products for a variety of end use applications. In many of these applications, Ecopiren® is the best choice.

Ecopiren 200
(PDF, 195.92 )
Ecopiren 20R
(PDF, 197.09 )
Ecopiren 15R
(PDF, 197.00 )
Ecopiren 10R
(PDF, 196.98 )
Ecopiren 10
(PDF, 196.56 )
Ecopiren 5,5C
(PDF, 208.76 )
Ecopiren 5,5
(PDF, 208.57 )
Ecopiren 3,5NP
(PDF, 291.00 )
Ecopiren 3,5NA
(PDF, 290.98 )
Ecopiren 3,5C
(PDF, 291.19 )
Ecopiren 3,5
(PDF, 199.85 )

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