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AgroMag Granular

Magnesium fertilizer (ameliorator)

AgroMag Granular® is made from mineral brucite (Mg(OH)2) by milling and granulation and is used for all major crops as magnesium fertilizer. The product is especially effective for wheat, maize, potato, sugar and table beets, sunflower, tomatoes, and soybean. The fertilizer is in the form of granules and is convenient in dosing and use, has good flowability, does not produce dust and can be stored for long time. Shelf life 2 years by maintaining the storage conditions.

AgroMag Granular can be combined with nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilizers, greatly enhancing their effect. Compatible with calcareous fertilizers, optimizing the Ca: Mg ratio in the soil.

In addition, AgroMag Granular is a natural product and can be used in organic farming systems as well.

When using AgroMag Granular, the excess acidity of the soil is gently eliminated.

Advantages of AgroMag® Granular
  • AgroMag Granular - one of the most concentrated (60% MgO) magnesium fertilizer.
  • It has a long action in the soil combines high bioavailability and high stability in mixtures.
  • Convenient in dosing, transportation and use.
  • The use of AgroMag Granular minimized magnesium leaching risk from light soils with high acidity.
  • High neutralizing ability allows to use the product as an ameliorant of soils with high acidity and low saturation of the soil absorption complex with magnesium, ensuring the reproduction and maintenance of soil fertility.
  • The product is stable under conditions of excessive moistening, heavy rain and irrigation and has an advantage over highly soluble forms of fertilizers.
  • Reduces the effect of salt stress in rice on flooded soil due to the gradual release of magnesium cations into water, in contrast to water-soluble forms of magnesium fertilizers.

Basic recommendations on the dosage of AgroMag Granular

The application rate depends on the type of crop, soil and climatic conditions, and the purpose of use of the fertilizer

Crop typeIndicative dosage, kg/ha





Maize, sunflower, potato


Sugar beet, red beet, fodder beet


Vegetables crops




Fruits and other berries


The fertilizer is acting as a chemical ameliorant. It is recommended to use AgroMag in the form of the mix with lime (especially for soils with pH lower than 4,5). At the same time, the balance between the content of calcium and magnesium in the soil will be maintained, and the digestibility of magnesium will increase.

For recommendations on the application, please contact our specialists through the request form on the website.

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