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AgroMag® is a line of magnesium fertilizers produced on the base of natural raw materials with very high content of magnesium - brucite mineral:

-AgroMag Granular(granular form)

-AgroMag Aktimax(liquid form)

Products are intended for use as magnesium fertilizer of various field, vegetable and fruit crops with the aim of increasing the yield and quality of crop products.

Particularly effective for wheat, maize, potato, sugar and table beets, sunflower, tomato, apple and soybean.

Fertilizers can be applied in the fall under the main tillage, in spring period with cultivation (granular form) and as foliar fertilizing during the growing period (liquid form).

Fertilizers of AgroMag line enrich the soil with mobile compounds of magnesium and improve its agrochemical properties by normalizing the level of soil acidity, reducing the mobility of aluminum and manganese, increasing the biological activity of the soil and increasing the availability of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and molybdenum to plants. Products have fungicidal properties and increase the resistance of plants (especially winter wheat and rye) to adverse environmental conditions.

Magnesium is one of the important and necessary elements for plant nutrition. The need for this element is due to the variety of functions that it performs in the plant body. Magnesium is directly involved in photosynthesis and many other important physiological processes in the plant. Magnesium is necessary for normal root growth, the formation of stable crops, and the improvement of the quality characteristics of crop production. The supply of plants with magnesium directly and indirectly affects the frost and drought tolerance of crops, the resistance to fungal diseases.

A characteristic feature of magnesium starvation of plants is inter-vein chlorosis. At the edges of the leaf and between the veins, the green color changes to yellow, red, purple. Subsequently, spots of various colors appear on the leaf surface due to the death of tissues. At the same time, large veins remain green. Signs of deficiency manifest and spread from older leaves to younger leaves of the upper tiers.

The optimal content of available magnesium in the soil contributes to better absorption by plants of a number of nutrient elements (NPK) from fertilizers. In this regard, magnesium fertilizers, along with nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilizers, are an essential factor in increasing the yield and quality of crops.

For more information, visit the separate pages of the AgroMag® Granular and AgroMag Aktimax fertilizers.

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