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Anti-caking agent for complex fertilizers

Anti-caking agent for complex fertilizers

Mineral fertilizers are prone to caking, dusting and dehumidification. A conditioning additive AgroMag, was especially developed to eliminate these problems in the production of compound fertilizers.

The use of AgroMag® magnesium hydroxide leads to the formation of strong and dense grained structure of granules. It gives optimum physical properties to fertilizers.

Advantages of AgroMag

  • reduces significantly the presence of fluorine and silicon on the surface of the granules
  • increases the strength of granules
  • reduces the caking of the product
  • Reduces the porosity of the granules
  • reduces the porosity of the granules
  • improves the grading and significantly reduces the amount of fine fraction
  • enhances the efficiency of the surface treatment of the fertilizer by conditioning mixtures because of the reduced porosity. As a result the conditioning mixtures are less absorbed into the granules
  • reduces the consumption of expensive organic conditioners

Solutions for this field

The most demanded products of RMCC in this field are:

AgroMag 100-300, AgroMag 0-300

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