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Magnesium additive in feed for pigs

Magnesium additive in feed for pigs

Magnesium in the diet of pigs, usually contains a sufficient amount. However, some species and sex and age groups (young, pregnant, high) may lack magnesium.

Most often this occurs in extreme conditions: the transition period of detention, diets changing, stress, cold, rainy summer, weaning, etc.

Magnesium digestibility of pigs from separate feed and compounds is
  • corn — 55.7% ,
  • oats  82.7%,
  • barley  54.5%,
  • soy flour  60.3%
  • carbonate  64.9%,
  • and phosphate  54%.
Application of magnesium in the diet of pigs
  • Additive in piglets diets of age 2 to 4 months of magnesium in an amount of 4–5 g provides an increasing in average daily live weight gain of 67%, while reducing feed costs by 7% compared to animals treated with 33.5 g of magnesium.
  • Feeding to pigs of increased doses of magnesium (57 g) contributes to lower daily gain, respectively 34 and 78% compared with control (with no magnesium), and 1011 and 1415% compared with animals treated with 5.4 g of magnesium.
  • Inclusion in the composition of the diet of piglets of age 2 to 4 months magnesium in an amount of 45 g has a positive effect on the physiological state of the organism. There is an increasing of blood morphological indicators (leucocytes, erythrocytes, hemoglobin, total protein, glucose).
  • Feeding piglets from of age 2 to 4 months of 45 g of magnesium as part of diets allows you to get more revenue.

Large specialized farms and recommended for use in the diets of young pigs of age 2 to 4 months magnesium fertilizer AgroMag® at a dose of 4 g or 1.44 g of pure magnesium per head.

The need for macro-and micronutrients per head per day (pigs)

Gram/kilogram of finished feed (80% DM)

Na Mg Zn Cu Se Mn I Fe
Sows before the formation of the mammary glands 6 4 2 2 1 6080 1520 0,20,4 2030 0,51,0 80100
Sows with three weeks before farrowing 4,5 2,2
Lactating sows depending on the live weight and the size of the nest 6,57,5 5,05,5 3,03,3
Piglets at weaning * 9 5-30kg live weight, the average gain of 350 g/day 7,08,6 6,55,5 3,72,7 1,5 100 6 0,3
Fattening pigs (30-70kg bw) 6,66,0 5,84,2** 2,72,3 5060 5060
Fattening pigs (70-120kg bw) 8,5 54** 2,31,9 0,45

*If you use materials from rape, the necessary content is 1.21.5 mg

**Using phytase


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