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Employees are the main value of Russian Mining Chemical Company. We strive to create an environment for personal and professional growth of employees and provide the most comfortable atmosphere for creativity and self-realization.Our employees are proud to be the part of the company which is growing rapidly and we are proud of one of the best professional teams in the industry.

How we see our staff

  • Employees, that are strong not only by their potential, but also by the ability to transform this potential into reality.
  • Employees who do not speak «no», but saying how. People who bring their proposals and not just a problems. People who takes responsibility for the task and not afraid to make a mistake. People who are ready to correct their mistakes and learn from them, constantly improving themselves and improving their work
  • Not afraid to make mistakes, ready to fix their errors study on them, constantly developing and improving its work.

What we offer to such people

Ability to upgrade their skills Ability to upgrade their skills
Career Paths Career Paths
Excellent working atmosphere Excellent working atmosphere
High salary High salary
Interesting and ambitious projects Interesting and ambitious projects

See yourself as a member of our team?

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