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The K-2019 world's largest exhibition of rubbers and plastics has just finished!

23 October 2019

Representatives of RMCC LLC jointly with European distributor Europiren B.V. for the third time took part in the largest exhibition of plastics and rubbers - K-2019, which was held from October 16 to 23 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Today was literally the last day of grand-scale K-2019 exhibition!

The K exhibition is held in Dusseldorf every three years and brings more than 225,000 visitors from all over the world, rightfully being considered as the largest and most representative event in industry. The interest in the exhibition from participating companies is only gaining strength every year. Thus, this year 3 330 companies from 63 countries of the world took part in the exhibition with a stand!

Along with other exhibitions, the K event is expanding within fast pace. And this is not in vain! Since the chemical industry is one of the fastest growing ones, which solves not only rubbers and plastics production, but also greatly emphasizes on ecology and safety. Due to that components and materials are being produced from harmless raw materials, production lines are being constructed excluding hazardous emissions, and questions concerning environment and fire safety preserve are being raised.

Taking into account the high significance of K-exhibition, the Russian Mining and Chemical Company LLC jointly with Dutch distributor participated in the exhibition with an eco-style stand, presenting several products from its production line: Ecopiren and MagPro. The company's products are really of great value, for example, the product Ecopiren (mineral flame retardant from magnesium hydroxide) is designed to perform such important functions as increasing fire resistance and smoke absorption for polymer compositions. These are exactly unique properties of magnesium hydroxide, which enable in case of fire to slow down fire and smoke spreading, thereby ensuring safe evacuation of people. Ecopiren flame retardants can easily be applied in various polymer compositions in conjunction with various types of polymer materials.

Besides, the entire product line of RMCC LLC is a product obtained entirely from natural mineral Brucite, which speaks for their environmental friendliness. The companys production does not affect the environment, since there is no harmful chemical production at all production stages.

Moving back to the exhibition itself, it is worth being mentioned that during the event a large number of useful business meetings were held, urgent issues were discussed to solve applied tasks of the industry, business contacts were established and new partnerships were established. Despite the K event duration (more than a week), the event was vivacious until the last day of the exhibition.

It is worth emphasizing that the K exhibition really justifies participation in it and favorably effects on building bridges and increasing recognition of both the company and the products!

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