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Participation in XV International exhibition and forum for pulp and paper industry

21 November 2018

Representatives of RMCC LLC attended the PAP-FOR Russia 2018 event, which took place from 13 till 16 November in St. Petersburg. PAP-FOR is the largest pulp and paper specialized exhibition in Eastern Europe, which includes all progressive ideas, new products and modern technologies in this industry.

The exhibition was attended by more than 200 major manufacturers and distributors in the pulp and paper industry from Russia and foreign countries, including Belarus, Germany, Finland, India, Spain, Italy and China. Many important topics related to the pulp and paper industry were discussed during the event, including the manufacturing, storage and transportation of products, increasing the industry investment and environmental potential, recycling waste paper. RMCC presented three products for the pulp and paper industry: BleachMag for pulp bleaching, MagAdd for pulping and MagTreat for wastewater treatment.

Special attention was paid to energy efficiency, industrial automation, as well as water treatment issues during the forum.

There was a session named Water treatment of industrial effluents, on which the challenges the pulp and paper mills faced in this area were discussed, the latest technologies for industrial wastewater control and changes in legislation on water supply and wastewater disposal were considered. At the session on water treatment, a leading technical specialist of RMCC LLC made a presentation on the topic Advantages of using of magnesium hydroxide in the treatment of industrial pulp and paper industry effluent. During the presentation of the report, he spoke about the technical performance of MagTreat reagent and the positive results of industrial trials. The following main advantages of the reagent were noted: effective pH control, total alkalinity increasing, reduction of COD, reduction of unpleasant odor, heavy metals deposition and safe use. The listeners expressed great interest in the report and in the use of natural reagent in water treatment processes. One of the companies presented, at the plant of which trials were carried out, confirmed the effectiveness and efficiency of using the reagent in the treatment of wastewater.

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