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Participation in IX International Congress of blast-furnace men

2 October 2018

RMCC representatives took part in IX International Congress of blast-furnace men. Congress was organized by International Blast-furnace men Union with support of companies Evraz NTMK, Metaprom, Russian Steel, Chermet Corporation LLC, Chermetinformation PJSC and was held recently in Nizhni Tagil 25-27 of September.

The main theme of the event was metallurgy of cast iron and prospects for its development until 2025. More than 160 representatives of machine-building, metallurgical, fire retardant enterprises, scientific research centers and institutes took part in the congress. Topics of development of Russian blast-furnace production and integrated implementation of new technologies, current situation and issues in the industry were discussed, dynamics of development was evaluated and long-term forecasts were made.

Representatives of LLC RMCC together with OJSC Ural Institute of Metals made a presentation on the topic "Application of Magnesia metallurgical flux FluMag M in agglomeration and blast-furnace process" at the session of the Congress "The modern agglomeration process and ways of its development". During presentation, the results of the use of the Magnesia flux FluMag M in the agglomeration process were presented, as well as the results of studies on the use of flux in the production of steel pellets. It was noted that the use of FluMag M is an effective substitute for traditional dolomite in agglomeration production, increases the density of green and burned pellets, and the fluxing of pellets with FluMag M allows bentonite to be removed from the burden. The use of magnesia products based on brucite is a promising and interesting direction in the agglomeration industry.

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