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Ecopiren brand new product development

6 February 2018

Russian Mining Chemical Company has prepared a new product for crosslinked polymer compositions based on brucite and vinyl silane - Ecopiren® 3.5NV

Ecopiren® 3.5 NV is already the third product in the family of products with silane treatment. The main field of application are cross-linked cable halogen-free compounds, as well as various rubber and silicones.

The chemically crosslinked polymer structure formed in accordance with this processing method has cross-linking chemical bonds and is characterized by high heat resistance, physico-mechanical properties and resistance to extreme operating conditions.

The reaction between Ecopiren 3.5 NV and the polymer occurs through the "opening" of the vinyl group (double bond), in the presence of an activator and a catalyst, which makes this material effective in crosslinked halogen-free cable compositions based on PE or EVA, various cross-linked rubber-technical and silicone products.

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