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The company controls the entire production chain,from extraction of raw materials to deliveryof finished-products to end consumers.

The mining company is located in the Jewish Autonomous Region. It has its own geological survey service that provides planning and organization of mining. The aim is the careful and rational usage of raw materials. Mining of brucite mineral is carried out year-round, open-pit in open-cast mine, by benchs of 10 meters. Proven reserves of raw materials account for more than 8 million tons. Annually, the company operates 250 000 m3 of overburden removal and produces more than 100,000 tons of brucite mineral.

More than 100 000
of brucite mineral are
produced annually

Overburden serve as raw material for the production of crushed stone, which has been successfully used by local construction companies.

250 000 tons per year —
capacity of crushing
and screening system

Brucite mineral from the mine comes in the CGS (crushing and screening system) with a capacity of up to 250 000 tons per year. After primary crushing 60–200 mm fraction is applied to X-ray radiometric separation, where the enrichment process takes place. Innovative technologies allows to automatically ensure stable quality of the concentrate, which properties are close to synthetic products.Only highly modern equipment and modern technologies are used to perform mining operations.

Main manufacturing steps during work in the quarry and at CGS are controlled by an accredited laboratory equipped with the most modern equipment and highly skilled staff. Finished products are shipped to customers' places of further processing by rail.

Scheme of production at the mine

Scheme of production at the mine

Further processing of brucite ore concentrated into high-Mg products is carried out in Vyazma, which is located 200 km west of Moscow. For the processing of ore modern and energy efficient equipment is used.Qualified staff, years of experience and high quality raw materials allow the products of the company to be the leaders in the industry.

More than 60 000 tonnes
of finished products
were produced by the
company in 2013

More than 60000 tonnes of finished pruducts were produced by the company in 2013. The increase of annual production and sales is planned for the nearest future.

Themonitoring of the qualityof quality of products in an accredited laboratory is implemented constantly. Laboratory personnel passes advanced training courses each year.

Products of the company are exported to many regions of Russia and all over the world: Europe, North America and Asia.

The scheme further processing in Vyazma

The scheme further processing in Vyazma

MagPro®150 - magnesium oxide, obtainedfrom high-quality mineral raw materials - brucite mineral - with a minimum
2content of 92.8%. Temperature at 500 °C in a rotary kiln with indirect heating.

MagPro is fired in an individual furnace of the same type of ore. This eliminates contamination of the product by impurities that may occur from other manufacturers.Thanks to modern technology of X-rayradiometric separation of ore, MagPro150 has a very low content of chlorides and sulfates.

The production line allows production of 6000 tons of MagPro150 independently.

The scheme further processing in Vyazma