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  • 2018

    Opening of the third plant in Vyazma

    The expansion of production capacity was achieved due to increased demand and growth of the sales market. The opening of the third plant in the company will provide magnesia products not only the Russian market, but also the markets of Europe and the Middle East.

  • 2016

    Prolongation of the license for extraction of ore

    Through lean and rational use of natural resources by Kuldur brucite mine, the license for extraction of minerals (brucite) was prolonged in 2016 till 2034.

  • 2015

    New Administrative building

    A new administrative building in the Far East was put into operation in 2015. It is designed to make the working conditions more comfortable for employees.

  • 2013

    Signing the contract with Europiren B.V. company (Rotterdam Netherlands) for exclusive distribution

    In order to provide maximum support to European customers in implementing and using the company’s products and in order to create our own research center the company signed the contract for exclusive distribution with Europiren B.v..

  • 2012

    Launching of the new CGS at mine

    After the launch of the new CGS manual separation of mineral remained in history. Modern equipment provides production facilities of the company with high quality raw material. Moreover, the opening of new production complex has a great social influence for the JAR.


    Acquisition of a controlling interest of Kuldur brucite mine

    Significant changes in the productive activities of mining facilities, serious modernization, the necessity for major personnel changes, the implementation of a significant investment — all of this can not be done without control over the enterprise.

  • 2011

    Launching of new production in Vyazma

    .Significant growth of qualitative indicators of final products and the need to expand the range of products contributed to the increase of production capacities.

  • 2010

    Foundation of LLC "KMC", designing and construction Crushing and Grading System (CGS)

    For the production of competitive products stable quality indicators must be provided.High demand for the company’s products, the production growth of up to 50% per year, facilitated the decision about a fundamental retooling of the mining company.

  • 2006

    Launching of own production in Vyazma

    Kuldursky brucite mine was focused on delivery of raw materials for the production of electrotechnical periclase. Launching of a new company which is specialized in production of brucite products, was greeted enthusiastically by consumers.


    The beginning of close cooperation with CJSC Kuldur brucite mine

    Specialists of the company have studied the main magnesia deposits of russia and conducted technical and econonical evaluation of the posibility to be mined. Kuldur brucite deposit was choosen.

  • 2002

    August 1st registration of LLC RMCC

    Four young enthusiasts decided to combine their knowledge and experience in the processing of magnesium minerals to create a new company — Russian Mining Chemical Company.