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Manufacturer of innovative high-Mg productsfor industry, agriculture and environment
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About us

LLC «Russian Mining Chemical Company» is a leading producer of magnesia products in the Russian Federation and CIS. Magnesia products of the company are widely used in industry, environmental protection and agriculture.

Russian Mining Chemical Company has a substitute company - Europiren B.V. inRotterdam, Netherlands.Europiren B.V.was founded to provide maximum support to customers. Also the distribution of products in Europe, Asia and USA will be implemented.

The main raw material for the production of the entire range of products is the mineral brucite produced at Kuldur deposit. Detailed information about the deposit can be found in section Deposit.

The company is constantly working on expanding of existing markets and developing of new markets for processed products brucite. Today the products under the trademarks is known in the internal market and abroad:

Headquartered in Moscow, the production capacity in the Far East of Russia and in the Smolensk region, in Vyazma (European part of Russia). The company plans to implement new projects for processing of brucite to new modern and high-quality products. For some of our products visit: